Humor, Seriously

Book Cover for Humor, Seriously

Humor, Seriously

Currency, February, 2021

Humor is serious business.

And that’s a fact backed by cold, hard research. Humor builds bonds, defuses tension, boosts innovation, and bolsters resilience through hard times. Like now. And now. 

That’s why Jennifer Aaker and Naomi Bagdonas teach “Humor: Serious Business”, at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business, a course that has helped some of the world’s most hard-driving, blazer-wearing business minds have more joy in their work and lives. Want to hear something funny? These Stanford MBAs get as much academic credit for a course about humor as they do for “Financial Accounting.” We know. We wish we could go back to school too… 

Now you can — sort of — with their new book! In it, Jennifer and Naomi share advice from world-class comedians, findings from behavioral scientists, and stories from leaders around the world. They reveal how humor works — and how it not only changes the way you do business, but live life.

Interested? Intrigued? Still reeling from that whole academic credit thing?