Birch Benders

Birch Benders

James Lattin, Matt Saucedo
2017|Case No.E633| Length 13 pgs.

The Birch Benders case follows the story of Matt LaCasse and Lizzie Ackerman as they embark on a journey to make the world’s best pancake mix. Through their trials and tribulations, the readers learn of the nuances involved in crafting an immaculate pancake recipe and then developing a business around it through effective branding, packaging, and distribution strategies. They realize that to scale the company successfully, they must retool their sales strategy. The case details LaCasse and Ackerman’s search for a new VP of Sales, as well as a discussion on what the ideal candidate might look like.

Learning Objective

This case is intended for use in a course on building and managing professional sales organizations. The case focuses on the challenges and key issues associated with the creation and management of a professional sales organization, with an emphasis on developing and managing the selling effort of business-to-consumer capital goods.

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