Cinnamon: New Product Introduction

By Robert Siegel, Dominic Mirabile
2022 | Case No. SM357 | Length 18 pgs.
This case explores the introduction of a new product that targets both new and existing segments of the investment management services market. Cinnamon, a discretionary investment management app, was founded in the United Kingdom in 2011. With the help of the team’s first product manager, Maria Pasquale (GSB ’11), Cinnamon navigated the new product introduction process: identifying unmet needs, developing value hypotheses, building a minimum viable product, creating a marketing and launch plan, and setting up a customer feedback loop. The team then clarified their target customer and refined the product in pursuit of product-market fit. Throughout the process, Pasquale established Cinnamon’s product management function, including the organizational structure, processes, and mindsets that fostered effective product development.

Learning Objective

Students will learn frameworks for executing the new product introduction process, analyzing customer segments, and iterating towards product-market fit. They will also consider the skills, behaviors, and mindsets needed as a product manager at an early-stage start-up.
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