Clorox, Combat Advertising Strategy (F)

By James Lattin, R. Magowan, I. Yes
2004 | Case No. M307F
In July of 1997, the brand team for Clorox’s Combat roach insecticide began planning for the next season year (SY98). The brand team was excited. Clorox had recently gained access to a new insecticide ingredient, Fipronil, from Rhone-Poulenc and had a new product opportunity for Combat. The intention was to use the new ingredient to replace hydramethylnon, the existing ingredient in all of Combat’s current SuperBait products. The key advantage of Fipronil over hydramethylnon was that it killed insects faster. Joining the team were account representatives from Young & Rubicam. Because the team anticipated developing a new communication strategy and new advertising in support of the new product opportunity, the team meeting also included some of the agency “creatives” who would be working on developing new advertising for the Combat brand.
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