Corporate Venture Capital Primer

By Peter Ziebelman, Matt Saucedo
2017 | Case No. E636 | Length 17 pgs.

The corporate venture capital (CVC) primer follows the journey of Claudia Fan Munce, the head of CVC for a major software and hardware conglomerate, as she and her team source and diligence partnership opportunities with startups in the healthcare industry. Along the way, students learn about the history of CVC, the relationship between CVCs and traditional venture capital, and underlying motivations behind many CVC deals.

Learning Objective

The goal of the CVC Primer is to help students understand the history, motivations, and business models behind corporate venture capital groups from the perspective of corporate venture capitalists themselves.

This material is available for download by current Stanford GSB students, faculty, and staff, as well as Stanford GSB alumni. For inquires, contact the Case Writing Office. Download