The Global Electric Automotive Industry in 2012

By Robert Burgelman, Sven A Beiker, Yves Meyer, Alexandre Martins, Rishabh Bhandari
2013 | Case No. SM217 | Length 28 pgs.
In the early 2010s, the shift towards electrified transportation remained an important trend as vehicle manufacturers were pursuing a variety of options to meet emission and fuel efficiency standards. This case provides a comprehensive update of the global electric vehicle industry, comprising vehicle manufacturers, battery suppliers, and charge providers. The situation of that industry in 2013 is assessed, which includes how the established manufacturers are reconsidering their strategies for vehicle powertrains, how newcomers are entering the market especially with electric vehicles and seem to become successful or fail. The case also summarizes governmental policies, incentives, and mandates in different regions, especially including the U.S., China, Japan, and Europe. In conclusion, more consolidation of the industry is expected, especially regarding the diversity of different electrification solutions and charge providers. While the operation range of electric vehicles is expected to remain a significant consumer concern, plug-in hybrid and range extended electric vehicles are seen as a viable solution to meet mobility and sustainability requirements. Therefore, the incumbent players seem to be relatively well positioned to provide respective products given their expertise regarding gasoline-powered vehicles and technology integration while the future of newcomers remains difficult to forecast.

Learning Objective

The reader will learn about the situation of the automotive industry in light of the recent recession and the transition toward more sustainable vehicle with increasingly electrified powertrains. The provided information enables the reader to understand and / or devise strategies for the respective industry (including governments). After reading this case, one will have gained a comprehensive overview of current industry players and the driving forces that are shaping the landscape of manufacturers, suppliers, and service providers.
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