Humor Saves America: Jenn Bane (Cards Against Humanity)

By Peter Seibert, Naomi Bagdonas, Jennifer Aaker
2018 | Case No. M371-1 | Length 11 pgs.

This set of Humor: Serious Business “Caselet Studies” follows three visionaries (Dick Costolo – Partner at Index Ventures and Former CEO of Twitter, Gregg Spiridellis – CEO and co-founder of JibJab, and Jenn Bane - mastermind behind the Cards Against Humanity Saves America campaign) as they examine the strategic use of humor in business. Dick Costolo (in Using Humor to Break the Status Barrier with Dick Costolo) explores using humor as a leadership strategy, while drawing on his experience in comedy to offer advice for bringing humor into a business setting. Gregg Spiridellis (in Humor in Physical Space Engages a Mindset of Levity ) looks at how physical cues in our work environment can encourage humor and playfulness. Jenn Bane (in The Power of Levity to Activate People in the Face of Gravity ) walks us through the process Cards Against Humanity took to create their Saves America campaign and reflects on the impact combining humor with a serious issue had on the company and on our country.

Click to view  Designing Physical Space to Activate a Mindset of Levity: Gregg Spiridellis (JibJab)

Click to view  Using Humor to Break the Status Barrier with Dick Costolo

Learning Objective

Students will discuss and explore the various ways humor can be used strategically in a business context.
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