Intuit’s Small Business Health Insurance Solutions

By Jonathan Levav, Russell Lewis Siegelman, Austin Kiessig
2013 | Case No. E474 | Length 21 pgs.
The Intuit’s Small Business Health Insurance Solutions case details a failed product launch experiment by Intuit, an innovative software company. The case first delves into Intuit’s history and competitive position. Then, the case discusses Intuit’s “customer development” and product launch processes. The company diligently researched its most promising potential product opportunities, and ultimately held a very successful trial for a health insurance platform. But when the platform was piloted, it failed terribly. What happened?

Learning Objective

The case was originally taught in a course called Product Launch, and the primary teaching objective is to take students through a large—but innovative—company’s product development process to examine what worked well and what failed. Students are first asked to evaluate why the live pilot results did not mirror the promising early results of the initial product trial. Then students are asked to evaluate Intuit’s competitive advantages or disadvantages in offering health insurance, which is not its primary product. Finally, the students are asked to make a judgment call as to whether they would terminate the product pilot and move in a different direction.
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