Jonathan Levav

Professor, Marketing

Jonathan Levav

The King Philanthropies Professor of Marketing

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Additional Administrative Titles

Director, Remote, Office, or Hybrid Workplaces? Navigating the Tradeoffs
Co-Director, RISE: PTT Leadership Transformation
Director, The Brains and Guts of Decision Making
Co-Director, The Emerging CMO: Strategic Marketing Leadership
Co-Director, Innovative Product Leadership: The Emerging Chief Product Officer
Director, Remote, Office, or Hybrid Workplaces? Navigating the Tradeoffs

Research Statement

Jonathan Levav studies consumer behavior and behavioral decision theory. He combines laboratory and field experiments, as well as secondary data analysis, in order to study the factors that influence people's choices and judgments. His research on choice focuses on three inter-related areas: 1) understanding the role of product attributes in people’s use of contextual cues; 2) the influence of environmental — social and physical — contextual cues on choices; 3) the contextual variables introduced by previous choices in sequential decisions. His research on judgment focuses on two areas: 1) preference prediction; 2) likelihood judgment.


Jonathan Levav is a professor of marketing at Stanford Graduate School of Business. His research is aimed at understanding consumer’s judgments and choices by using tools from experimental psychology and behavioral economics. In particular, he studies the contextual factors that influence people’s choices and judgments. His research is both basic and applied — from probability judgment to product customization decisions.

Jonathan received his PhD in marketing from the Fuqua School of Business, Duke University, and his AB in public and international affairs from Princeton University. He is the winner of the Hillel Einhorn Young Investigator Award, awarded biennially by the Society for Judgment and Decision-Making. Prior to joining Stanford he was a member of the faculty at the Columbia Business School.

Awards and Honors

  • Younger Family Faculty Scholar, Stanford Graduate School of Business, 2014–15
  • Fletcher Jones Faculty Scholar, Stanford Graduate School of Business, 2012–13


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