7 Insights to Boost Creativity at Work

Research-based approaches for bringing fresh ideas to teams and organizations.

March 17, 2023

| by Jenny Luna
Illustration of one hand passing a cube filled with shapes to another hand. Credit: iStock/travenian, Cory Hall.

Creativity spurs innovation and leads to more cohesive relationships. | iStock/travenian, Cory Hall

When we hear the word “creativity,” we often associate it with paintbrushes or pianos, not spreadsheets and board rooms. But being creative, and understanding the ways to bolster creativity within an organization, spurs innovation and leads to more cohesive relationships.

Research has shown that boosts in creativity come from many sources: in-person meetings, a diverse team, design thinking, or improvisational theater. We’ve mined our Insights articles and podcast episodes for tools and techniques to bring fresh ideas and approaches to work.

Improv Everywhere

This Stanford Executive Program course used virtual reality to help business leaders embrace an “improviser’s mindset.”

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