Jeremy Bloom: "Show Us The Money"

By George Foster, David Hoyt
2004 | Case No. SPM12
Jeremy Bloom was a promising college football player, as well as one of the world’s top mogul skiers. After the 2002 Winter Olympics, he entered the University of Colorado and became a star on the school’s football team. In order to continue pursuing his skiing career, he accepted endorsements related to skiing. The NCAA claimed that this made him ineligible for intercollegiate football. The NCAA rules enabled student-athletes to be professionals in one sport, while retaining eligibility in another sport. However, the rules did not allow endorsement income of any kind. Since endorsements were the primary source of income for professional mogul skiers (prize money was minimal), and Bloom’s skiing endorsements were unrelated to his college sport, Bloom contested the NCAA’s policy. The case explores issues related to the NCAA rules for student-athletes.
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