Merak Capital: Investing in the Future of the Middle East

By Robert Siegel
2022 | Case No. E812 | Length 12 pgs.

The Merak Capital cofounders sought to tap into the opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors in Saudi Arabia and elsewhere, as the technology community in the region continued to expand. They envisioned creating a regional powerhouse that would invest in new technology companies in the region, and accelerate economic development.

This case study explores how the three cofounders approach their immediate priorities, in order to position Merak Capital to broaden their vision to include venture capital, growth equity, and private equity. How would they use the next 12 months wisely, and effectively? How would they plan for the broader business scope—and think about expanding into other Middle East countries, and beyond?

Learning Objective

This case study is designed to help students understand leadership decision making and timing considerations when embarking on next-stage business development in an investment-focused firm. It also highlights the challenges and opportunities in developing strategies for technology and venture capital investments in an emerging region of the world.
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