netCustomer: A Global Start-up

By Geoffrey Adamson, Antonio Davila, George Foster
2001 | Case No. EC26 | Length 31 pgs.

In 2001 Punita Pandey, CEO of netCustomer, considered how to expand the two-year old company she had founded with her brother, Nalin Pandey. netCustomer provided Internet based customer service for companies through a service center in India. The company’s sales, marketing and product development activities were based in California. netCustomer had successfully developed strategic partnerships and served leading corporations, utilizing the capabilities of their Indian operations. The founders had operated the company on their own resources for 18 months and then received venture funding. The case asks how the company can pursue the lucrative market of specialized customer service; how they can maximize the value of their international operations; and if they should set up other centers of operation in regions such as the Philippines and Eastern Europe.

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