The PhD Project: The Marketing of Business School Faculty Diversity (A)

By Donnel Briley, Sonya Grier
1997 | Case No. M292A
Examines the situation facing a group of representatives from the private, public, and nonprofit sectors attempting to increase the diversity of business school faculties. Focuses on the issues faced in mid-1994 by the KPMG Peat Marwick Foundation and its partners in their joint effort to generate more ethnic diversity in business school faculties and, ultimately, in business school classrooms and corporate workforces. Gives background on a prior series of meetings held to discuss what could be done to address the lack of minorities in business. The consensus in these meetings was that efforts should be made to increase the number of minority business school faculty by augmenting the supply of minority doctoral students in business. Discusses the various factors speculated to contribute to the lack of diversity in business school faculty. Gives background to marketing strategy development, and ends with the group trying to figure out what to do. The case decision is a meeting in September 1994 to analyze relevant information and develop a strategy to increase minority applicants to Ph.D. programs. Teaching Note available.
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