Sonoma Raceway’s Strategic Reset: Adapting to Major Shifts in the Motor Racing World

By George Foster, Matthew Cruickshank, Gerzain Gutierrez, David Hoyt
2020 | Case No. SPM58 | Length 26 pgs.

Sonoma Raceway, located north of San Francisco, had a long history of hosting premier motor racing events. However, after decades of growth, fan attendance and viewership had started to decline in the 2010s. Fan demographics were changing, with younger fans looking for a different experience than traditional fans. These challenges confronted the entire motorsports industry. As 2020 began, Sonoma Raceway was in the midst of a major shift in its business strategy, impacting all aspects of its operations.

The coronavirus pandemic forced the cancellation of all of the raceway’s major events, putting additional stress on the raceway.

Learning Objective

The case is designed facilitate an analysis of corporate strategy in the face of changes in customer dynamics. Students will also learn about the motorsports industry, with particular emphasis on the business challenges facing track operators.
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