TrueCar: Transforming the Car Buying Experience

By Robert Siegel, Yin Li
2014 | Case No. E527 | Length 24 pgs.
The case follows Scott Painter and his executive team as they deal with a crisis that threatens the survival of TrueCar, a company founded by Painter to improve consumers’ car buying experiences. TrueCar’s automotive dealer network, from which the company earns its revenue, is rapidly declining in size as dealers leave to protest TrueCar’s practices. The case also describes Painter’s career and his personality as context for the situation. Painter and his team must persuade dealers to rejoin its network in order to survive, which will require the company to rethink its identity.

Learning Objective

• Understanding the players and dynamics of the automotive industry • Understanding the risks of operating in a highly regulated industry • Dealing with crisis as a founder • Discussing how an entrepreneur’s personality can help or hinder the achievement of their vision
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