Using Humor to Break the Status Barrier with Dick Costolo

By Peter Seibert, Sophia Pink, Naomi Bagdonas, Jennifer Aaker
2018 | Case No. M371-3 | Length 7 pgs.

This set of Humor: Serious Business “Caselet Studies” follows three visionaries (Dick Costolo – Partner at Index Ventures and Former CEO of Twitter, Gregg Spiridellis – CEO and co-founder of JibJab, and Jenn Bane - mastermind behind the Cards Against Humanity Saves America campaign) as they examine the strategic use of humor in business. Dick Costolo (in Using Humor to Break the Status Barrier ) explores using humor as a leadership strategy, while drawing on his experience in comedy to offer advice for bringing humor into a business setting. Gregg Spiridellis (in Humor in Physical Space Engages a Mindset of Levity ) looks at how physical cues in our work environment can encourage humor and playfulness. Jenn Bane (in The Power of Levity to Activate People in the Face of Gravity ) walks us through the process Cards Against Humanity took to create their Saves America campaign and reflects on the impact combining humor with a serious issue had on the company and on our country.

Click to view  Humor: Serious Business – Caselet Studies – Cards Against Humanity: The Power of Levity to Activate People in the Face of Gravity

Click to view  Designing Physical Space to Activate a Mindset of Levity: Gregg Spiridellis (JibJab)

Learning Objective

Students will discuss and explore the various ways humor can be used strategically in a business context.
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