World Wrapps

By Charles Holloway, Pratap Mukherjee
1999 | Case No. E68
The case chronicles the founding and initial growth of World Wrapps, a retail quick service restaurant chain serving gourmet, internationally-flavored burritos. The case gives the backgrounds on the four founders and the origin of the idea to create World Wrapps and then gets into the details on how they financed and created the first store in San Francisco. Immediately, the store was a success and the management team’s attention quickly went to growth and streamlining the operations of individual stores so that they could provide the products and service with quality and cost efficiency. The case examines a number of decision that they made and have to make relating to expansion: how fast to grow, whether to franchise, whether to do a join venture with another company, etc. Also, the case considers how they should respond to numerous important competitive threats on the horizon. Finally, the case focuses on a financing decision – they have some competing offers from some venture capital firms which each have their advantages and disadvantages. The reader is asked to advise the management team on their financing decision. Teaching Note available.
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