Zuora in 2013

By Robert A. Burgelman, Robert Eric Siegel, Maalika Manoharan
2013 | Case No. SM182B | Length 23 pgs.
An update of Zuora’s activities since 2009. The growth of SaaS adoption in enterprise software enabled the leadership team to achieve tremendous growth since the writing of the (A) case, but the company struggled in keeping a flexible and empowering culture for employees while instituting the appropriate processes and discipline required to enable a company to be ready for an IPO. In addition, the economic metrics of measuring a SaaS company is remarkably different than traditional Wall Street metrics, and the CEO begins an education process for explaining the underappreciated long-term economic value of the company.

Learning Objective

This case provides an opportunity for students to examine how a startup in a fast growing environment needs to mature both in order to continue to scale, and also to meet the needs of its professional customer base.
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