The economics area includes faculty that study a broad range of topics in their discipline, including economic theory, industrial organization, labor economics, macroeconomics, econometrics, environmental economics, and international trade.

The economic faculty bring the ideas from economic research (both their own and from the broader community of economic scholars) to the GSB classroom. The group teaches principles of economics and statistics in Managerial Foundations classes, as well as applications of economics in classes on Strategy, Public Policy, Human Resource Management, Global Management, and other topics.

The rigorous application of economic principles permeates the MBA, Stanford MSx, and Executive Education curricula. The economics area extends its impact beyond Stanford through publishing, by educating PhD students, and by influencing public policy.



John Roberts

Susan Athey, Professor
C. Lanier Benkard
, Professor
Eric Bettinger, Associate Professor (by courtesy)
Nicholas Bloom, Professor (by courtesy)
Renee Bowen, Assistant Professor
Timothy Bresnahan, Professor (by courtesy)
Jeremy I. Bulow, Professor
Sebastián Di Tella, Assistant Professor
Yossi Feinberg, Professor
Robert J. Flanagan, Professor Emeritus
Keith B. Hennessey, Lecturer
James E. Howell, Professor Emeritus
Caroline M. Hoxby, Professor (by courtesy)
Guido W. Imbens, Professor 
Charles I. Jones, Professor
David M. Kreps, Professor
Nicolas Lambert , Assistant Professor
Edward Lazear, Professor
Jonathan Levin, Professor (by courtesy)
David Lockwood, Lecturer
Paul R. Milgrom, Professor (by courtesy)
Michael Ostrovsky, Associate Professor
Paul Oyer, Professor
Mar Reguant, Assistant Professor
Peter C. Reiss, Professor
John Roberts, Professor Emeritus
Garth Saloner, Dean
Kathryn Shaw, Professor
Andrzej Skrzypacz, Professor
A. Michael Spence, Professor and Dean Emeritus
Myra H. Strober, Professor Emerita (School of Education)
Takuo Sugaya, Assistant Professor
Christopher Tonetti, Assistant Professor
John M. Van Reenen, Visiting Professor
Robert Wilson, Professor Emeritus
Ali Yurukoglu, Assistant Professor




























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