Blurred people walking through the city. Credit: Getty Images/Marco Piunti

Golub Capital Social Impact Lab

We use digital technology and social science research to improve the effectiveness of leading social sector organizations.

Our Approach

We drive measurable social impact through two key activities:

Who We Are

Based out of Stanford GSB, the lab is a research initiative of affiliated academics, staff, and student researchers who are passionate about conducting research that guides and improves the process of innovation, as well as applying and disseminating that research to achieve social impact at large scale.

Researchers and Students

Postdoctoral researchers lead research projects and work closely with collaborating organizations over several years of collaboration. Other students play a central role in the work of the lab, including PhD, MBA, MSx, and other MS students; predoctoral researchers; and student interns.

Collaborating Organizations

We collaborate with a wide range of organizations, including large firms and smaller startups, for-profits and nonprofits, as well as NGOs and governments.