Global Health Innovation Insight Series

Stories from the Field Highlight Challenges and Solutions in Global Health Innovation…

Identifying/Validating Needs

"What people tell you the problem is up front is almost never the actual problem."

-Joel Sadler, ReMotion Designs

Consure Medical I-Translating a Need into an Actionable Path Forward
DtM-Designing Contextually Appropriate Products
JaipurKnee I-Getting the Need Right

Understanding Market/Stakeholder Dynamics

"They saw that there was a need. They didn’t see the demand, which is completely different."

-Marc Koska, SafePoint

CycleBeads I-Building Acceptance for a Simple Idea
Diagnostics for the Real World I-Addressing Stakeholder Resistance
d.light II-Market Research and Prototyping
Life Force Kiosks II-Engaging Local Talent
PlayPumps International-Gaining User Buy-In

Getting to a Market-Ready Product or Service

"To get a factory set up, to have the right sort of drawings and quality documents and inspection criteria ...there’s a lot of hard work that goes into making something consistent and high quality at a low cost."

-Robert Miros, 3rd Stone Design

AdaptAir-Developing and Commercializing an Accessory Versus a Stand-Alone Product
Brilliance I-From Prototype to Product Company
Consure Medical II-Developing a Regulatory and Clinical Strategy to Support Global Growth
DoseRight I-Moving Out of the Lab
Doseright II-Transitioning to High Volume Production
EMW-Expanding Organizational Capacity
Inspire-Evaluating a Transition to Product Development
KickStart II-Overcoming Manufacturing Challenges
Mulago Foundation II-Building More Than Just a Product or Service
Respira Design-Complex Requirements for a Simple Solution

Sales, Marketing, and Distribution

"All of this stuff takes time. You need to have the right team in place. You need to have the right marketing and the right brand support, the right product portfolio, the right pricing set, the right scale capability. All of the pieces have to be there, and you really have to claw your way up."

-Ned Tozun, d.Light

CycleBeads III-Implementing Too Much, Too Soon
d.light III-Building Credibility and Trust
Gradian II-Marketing to Multiple Stakeholders in a Complicated Field

Life Force Kiosks I-Reporting and Accountability
KickStart III-Marketing to Hard to Reach Consumers
Maternova-Bringing Together Buyers and Sellers
PATH I-Building a Direct Sales Force
PATH II-Demonstrating Products in Rural Areas
Phoenix I-Generating Preliminary Sales
Phoenix II-When Partner Sales Fall Short of Expectations
PSI II-Changing Perceptions and Behaviors
SafePoint I-Stimulating Adoption
SafePoint II-Sustaining Adoption

Defining a Viable Business Model

"The challenge is that when you want to serve the poorest of the poor, there’s only so much you can do in terms of cost recovery."

-Jeremy Farkas, Life Force Kiosks

Anacor-Neglected Disease R&D Within a For-Profit Model
Brilliance II-Achieving Impact Through Licensing

CycleBeads II-Creating a Dual Market
Embrace-Deciding on a Hybrid Structure
Gradian I-Spinning Out a Commercial Entity from a Nonprofit Foundation 
IDRI-Neglected Disease R&D with a Nonprofit Model
Impact Review-Sustaining a Good Idea without a Standalone Business Model
JaipurKnee II-Scaling Up the Business
KickStart I-Delivering Enduring Solutions
Mulago Foundation III-Choosing a Legal (and Capital) Structure
PATH III-Addressing Affordability Issues
PSI-Taking a Service Model to Scale

Securing Adequate Funding

"If you don’t have the big bucks, then it’s going to take time."

-Geno de Hostos, OneWorld Health

Diagnostics for the Real World II-Raising Funds for a Niche Solution
d.light I-Securing Early Funding
KickStart IV-Measuring Impact
LifeStraw Carbon for Water-SustainableFunding for a Public Health Intervention
Mulago Foundation I-Rigorous Yet Realistic Measurement