Ray Dalio: Seek Out Thoughtful Disagreement


Ray Dalio: Seek Out Thoughtful Disagreement

On this podcast episode, the founder of Bridgewater Investments discusses how an idea meritocracy can improve decision-making.

Ray Dalio founded Bridgewater Investments, the most successful hedge fund in history. But he also made mistakes — and those mistakes helped him learn to balance audacity with humility.

During a visit to Stanford Graduate School of Business, Dalio talked about the value of a system that allows competing points of view to be heard fairly. Such a system can lead to good decisions in both business and public policy.

Ray Dalio

Stanford GSB’s View From The Top is the dean’s premier speaker series. It launched in 1978 and is supported in part by the F. Kirk Brennan Speaker Series Fund. During student-led interviews and before a live audience, leaders from around the world share insights on effective leadership, their personal core values, and lessons learned throughout their career.

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