Rose Marcario: Environmentalism Is for Everyone


Rose Marcario: Environmentalism Is for Everyone

On this podcast episode, the CEO of Patagonia sits down with students and shares why she believes that sustainability should be part of every company’s business plan.

Outdoor retailer Patagonia is known for its outspoken environmental activism, and Rose Marcario is the driving force behind that message.

She left behind a lucrative career in private equity to join the company in 2008. Now, as CEO, she’s working to cultivate the “self-examining” culture that drew her to Patagonia in the first place. Her priorities include promoting long-term thinking, instituting sustainable practices at all levels of the business, and encouraging competitors to do the same.

During a visit to Stanford GSB in February 2020, Marcario joined Tara Hill, MBA ’20, in a conversation on how Patagonia is setting a new standard for environmental stewardship.


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