Sunasir Indra Dutta

Sunasir Dutta
PhD Student, Organizational Behavior
PhD Program Office Graduate School of Business Stanford University 655 Knight Way Stanford, CA 94305

Sunasir Indra Dutta

I am a PhD candidate in Business Administration (Macro-OB) at the Graduate School of Business, Stanford University. I study the process of organizing for change in communities, markets, and organizations. It is relevant to scholars in organization theory, strategy, public policy, and social entrepreneurship. In my research, I try to marry my interest in practical problems with a rigorous approach to causal identification that advances middle-range theory.

My teaching interests draw on my research as well as my teaching experiences. I have assisted professors at Stanford GSB in teaching courses that range from Core to Elective, for audiences ranging from MBA students to late-career Sloan Fellows.

Research Statement

Why are some communities better able to organize for social entrepreneurship? Why do non-profit hospitals proliferate even as prof-profit hospitals grow in the aftermath of natural disasters? Why do free spaces matter, in incubating challenges to the status quo? Why were there public charging stations in California, long before plugin-electric vehicles became widely available? Although these questions are distinct, they represent my primary research interests in the study of organizational processes associated with change and innovation, in communities, firms, hierarchies, and markets. Through longitudinal studies and quasi-experimental research designs I have pursued this theme across my dissertation and other research. Please email me for a detailed research statement describing ongoing and future research projects.

Teaching Statement

I’ve sought opportunities to teach and assist with a variety of different courses. These included both core (required) and elective courses, for which audiences ranged from first-year MBA’s to late-career executives in the GSB’s Sloan program. I value my teaching experiences to date, which have often sparked off new research ideas, and I look forward to the experiences to come. My teaching and research backgrounds have prepared me to teach a variety of different courses, including Organizational Behavior and Design, Strategic Management, Fostering and Managing Change, Social Entrepreneurship, and intro courses in Data Analysis for Business Decisions. I would also welcome the opportunity to develop new courses and materials, or contribute in co-teaching existing courses with experienced educators. Please email me for a detailed statement of teaching experience and interests.