Seven Popular Business Videos of 2016


Seven Popular Business Videos of 2016

Faculty and guest speakers on topics ranging from storytelling to simplicity.
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View the most-watched videos on our YouTube channel this year:

1. Magic Johnson: Understand Your Customers and Over-Deliver

The former basketball star discusses his pivot from the court to business.


2. Kathleen Eisenhardt: Effective People Think Simply

Following a simple set of rules can bring clarity during chaos.


3. Kathryn Shaw: Three Things All Good Bosses Do

Share your vision, teach well, and help employees meet their career goals.


4. Arianna Huffington: We Are Drowning in Data

Why the founder of Huffington Post says everyone needs more shut-eye.


5. Unilever CEO Paul Polman: Pursue Your Purpose

A fireside chat on leadership and social change.


6. Jennifer Aaker: The Power of Story

Use a strong narrative to shape how others see you.


7. Richard Cox: Creating Authentic Power

How to achieve and convey confidence without words.


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