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Top Business Podcasts of 2016

Long commute? Spend the time listening to these 10 Stanford Business stories.

December 12, 2016

| by Natalie White

1. What Makes People Do Good?

How external factors pressure people to cooperate.



Illustration by Ping Zhu

2. How to Handle Audience Skepticism

Anyone with a novel idea, from an entrepreneur to a product marketer, should know how to sway a suspicious audience.


a seated crowd listening to a presenter

Reuters/Suzanne Plunkett

3. Why the Leadership Industry Has Failed

Advice given to leaders is too often based on the ideal world, not reality.


a tie hanging on the back of an empty work chair

Reuters/Alex Domanski

4. Do You Have a Contrarian on Your Team?

A divergent opinion can lead to more creative and better decisions.


Runner on an empty road going the opposite direction of the arrow painted on it

Reuters/Leonhard Foeger

5. DoorDash CEO: Solving Problems of Time-Starved People

The food-delivery startup looks to expand beyond the edible.


DoorDash CEO

Tony Xu | Courtesy photo

6. How Our Self-Control Affects the Way We See Risk

Research shows that people with low self-control tend to underplay the negative consequences of their decisions.


man smoking in front of an art mural

Reuters/Andrew Innerarity

7. Failure Is the Mother of Innovation

Startups may embrace the “fail-fast” mantra, but many leaders are risk-averse.


illustration of innovation process


8. How to Create a Better Board of Directors

A serial board member explains why even young companies need strong directors.


illustration of two individuals sharing ideas


9. How to Split Equity Among Company Founders

Putting value on the roles of company partners can get personal.


illustration of an infinity symbol connected in the middle by a plus symbol with two individuals tugging at each looped end


10. Strong “Signature Stories” Shape More Than a Company’s Brand

Businesses can touch customers and clarify corporate values by creating a powerful narrative.


illustration of a person opening a door that looks like a book


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