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A Look Back at 2016

Read 10 Stanford Business stories from the past year, including pieces on work-life balance, power, and management.

December 19, 2016

| by Natalie White


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1. How Smart Leaders Build Trust

The chairman of JetBlue explains how a high-trust culture makes a better company (and life).


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2. Did Racial Threat Galvanize the Tea Party?

New research explores the link between racial animosity and the Tea Party movement.


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Reuters/Brian Snyder

3. A Big Data Approach to Public Speaking

Key takeaways from an analysis of 100,000 presentations.


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4. Pepsi CEO: Break with the Past and Don’t Play Too Nice

Six management tips from Indra Nooyi, one of the most powerful women in business.


Indra Nooyi spoke to Stanford GSB students at a View From The Top event in May

Stacy Geiken

5. Power Couples Explain How They Juggle Career, Family, and Laundry

Five tips from partners who balance it all.


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6. Riding the Feedback Loop to Authentic Self-Expression

How the lessons of improv theater help business leaders become their true, powerful selves.


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7. Three Things All Good Bosses Do

Share your vision, teach well, and help employees meet their career goals.


3 Things All Good Bosses Do

8. Should Employees Design Their Own Jobs?

A scholar who studies job crafting says change may be easier than you think.


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9. The Peril of Power Without Status

Jobs that grant control over resources but lack respect can ignite conflict.


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Illustration by Stefani Billings

10. How to Fix Overcrowded Jails

A scholar explains why putting more convicted felons on the street is the smartest solution.


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Illustration by Stefani Billings

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