Sora Jun

Sora Jun
PhD Student, Organizational Behavior
PhD Program Office Graduate School of Business Stanford University 655 Knight Way Stanford, CA 94305

Sora Jun

I am a 5th year doctoral candidate in Micro Organizational Behavior. My research interests center around hierarchy and intergroup relations. Broadly, I study processes of hierarchy management: how people respond to and navigate intergroup dynamics in hierarchies. In particular, I am interested in examining these processes in social hierarchies and organizational hierarchies that have more than two groups (e.g., racial hierarchy with Whites, Asians, Latinos, and Blacks; organizations with senior managers, middle managers, operational managers, and workers). My interests therefore focus on how people’s group position at the top, middle, or bottom of a hierarchy shapes the way they interact with others in that hierarchy. In my research thus far, I have used lab and field-based methodologies to examine hierarchy maintenance behaviors of those at the top, impression management of those at the bottom, and the unique and understudied experiences of intermediate level group members—those who belong to groups in-between other groups in a hierarchy.

Working Papers

Keeping minorities happy: Hierarchy maintenance and Whites’ decreased support for high-identity White politicians

Hierarchy and third-party intervention in conflict: The case of biology lab researchers in authorship conflicts

Friendly minorities: Whites’ responses to inter-minority group harmony