African woman working with fabrics


Developing breakthrough solutions to alleviate global poverty requires a sustained commitment and partnership. Seed has both.

In addition to training owners of established businesses in low- and middle-income countries and inspiring Stanford students, Seed is collaborating with the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy and Research to support and fund the Stanford King Center on Global Development, a university-wide research center dedicated to improving the lives of the world’s poor.

Stanford King Center on Global Development

From health to trade, governance to entrepreneurship, the center stimulates and supports research to make a difference in the world.

The center brings together faculty and students from across the university — all schools and institutes — to create an environment where diverse perspectives, disciplines, and methodologies can be applied to poverty-related topics and issues. Focused on global, collaborative, and data-driven research that can make a real-world impact, the Center’s goal is to accelerate research and share it with thought leaders and policy makers who are shaping policy and practice in the developing world.