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A Look Back at 2015

Explore Stanford Business stories from 2015, including pieces on technology, finance, and work-life balance.

December 19, 2015

| by Natalie White


A woman wearing 2015 glasses during New Year's Eve celebrations

Reuters/Stephanie Keith

1. Why Companies No Longer Reward Loyal Employees

Repaying favors is the norm in our personal lives, but not in the workplace.


two people shaking hands

Employers often don’t reciprocate employee loyalty and effort. | © iStock/mediaphotos

2. Are Banks Safe Now?

A scholar and a former regulator both warn that safeguards are lacking to prevent another financial crisis.


NYSE ticker

One of the most debated parts of banking regulations continues to be the oversight of derivatives, which played a key role in the 2008 financial crisis | Reuters/Shannon Stapleton

3. How Power Couples Balance Work, Life & Family

Four dual-career couples share their secrets for reducing the chaos in their demanding lives.



Sometimes, just finding the time to take a walk together can be challenging for couples managing dual careers and families. | Reuters/Gary Hershorn

4. Five Steps to Better Negotiating

Winning can mean more than dollar signs.



When people are drawn into the battle, they will sometimes give up too much — even against their own interest, says Stanford GSB professor and author Maggie Neale.| Illustration by Tricia Seibold

5. Tips and Techniques for More Confident and Compelling Presentations

Key ways you can better plan, practice, and present your next talk.


Planning | Practicing | Presenting

Tricia Seibold

6. Debunking the Myth of the Liberal Supreme Court

A political economist looks at the relationship between public opinion and the high court.


Supreme Court building

How closely do the court’s opinions mirror public opinion? Closer than you might think. | Reuters/Jonathan Ernst

7. What Drives Anti-Immigration Attitudes?

A scholar says natives are worried more about their cultural identity than their jobs.


young girl with backwards American flag

Immigration attitudes have more to do with cultural identity concerns than economic anxiety. | Reuters/Kevin Lamarque

8. In Technology, Small Fish (Almost Always) Eat Big Fish

A Silicon Valley entrepreneur and investor explains how startups can own their markets.


Illustration of large fish eating smaller fish

Tricia Seibold

9. Why Your Workplace Might Be Killing You

Stanford scholars identify 10 work stressors that are destroying your health.



Many companies institute wellness programs that focus on encouraging employees to eat better or exercise more. Meanwhile, they overlook the atmosphere of the workplace setting itself. | Reuters/Luke MacGregor


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