Learn what it takes to formulate, develop, and commercialize new ideas.

Leveraging Stanford’s deep connection to Silicon Valley, Stanford Ignite – Part-Time exposes participants to leading-edge research and frameworks in areas that span all business operations.

Program Highlights

Below are just a few of the sessions you’ll experience as part of the program.

  • Business Models – Gain an introduction to the process of business model development through a case-study analysis from a variety of industries.
  • Marketing – Find out how market research enables participants to better understand customer needs, hone in on unmet client expectations, and validate hypotheses about the market.
  • Product-Market Fit – Explore how consumers evaluate fit between company offerings and their needs, both functional and symbolic.
  • Accounting and Financial Statements – Dive deep into the elements of the financial reporting environment and the role of the primary financial statements to identify key relations among them.
  • Pricing – Learn more about the unifying framework for value-based pricing, which focuses on understanding the economic value created by a company’s product or service to its target markets.

Information Session


Kelsey Carlson
Associate Director, Ignite Programs Executive Education