participants in the Stanford LEAD Online Business Program
Stanford LEAD Online Business Program


Stanford LEAD has a proven, high-impact design which blends a rigorous curriculum with a social and experiential learning model that challenges you to reach your full potential.

The Learning Model

This program requires dynamic participation, blending a flexible approach to executive learning with live online engagements with faculty and peers. Course projects will require you to integrate business and leadership frameworks with your day-to-day work, and you will be able to apply concepts in real-time to see immediate results. Personalized and actionable feedback from expert LEAD course facilitators will push you to excel beyond your learning goals, and your community of peers will enrich your understanding of the material through meaningful collaboration.

LEAD video - curriculum

Design Your Learning Journey

Choose to specialize in one of two areas: Corporate Innovation or Personal Leadership. In each specialization, you will start with the fundamentals by enrolling in foundation courses and customize your electives to match your specific interests, goals, and business challenges.

Corporate Innovation: This specialization addresses the unique challenges and opportunities inherent in fostering and implementing change within established organizations. The curriculum has been designed to give you the strategic business tools and techniques to accelerate change and transformation in your organization and drive innovation from within.

Personal Leadership: This specialization develops effective leaders who will advance themselves, their teams, and their organizations to success. The curriculum has been designed to teach you core leadership competencies: critical analysis, self-awareness, interpersonal acumen, situational awareness, and holistic communication.