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Prepare to up-level, personally and professionally with LEAD.

Through courses in critical thinking, finance, leadership, and various electives, you’ll develop the skills to create dynamic solutions to complex business challenges and navigate the opportunities and obstacles inherent in driving change and innovation.

Foundations (Required)

Critical Analytical Thinking

Develop and hone skills necessary to analyze complex problems, formulate well-reasoned arguments, and consider alternative points of view.

Financing Innovation

Learn the key techniques of financial valuation and capital budgeting used by major corporations that will help ensure your ideas get the attention ─ and funding ─ they deserve.

Leadership Core (Select 1 of 3 Courses)

Intentional Leadership: A 360 Approach

Develop competencies that are central to leadership, identify and understand your strengths and weaknesses, and explore ways to enhance your effectiveness as a leader in order to maximize your team's – and your organization's – potential.

Strategic Leadership

Learn to think strategically: how to identify opportunities and challenges, how to develop a viable course of action, how to formulate a strategy, and how to execute strategy so that their employees are guided and motivated to achieve success.

Values-Based Leadership

Clarify your values, think through managerial dilemmas, discover the diversity of others' viewpoints, and find out how to avoid social and cognitive pitfalls that get in the way of values-based leadership.

Electives (Select 5 of 20*)

*The two additional courses from Leadership Core can also be taken as electives.


You’ll foster your skills in diagnosing problems with organizational dynamics and your ability to develop and use power to get things done.

Model Analysis Design Icon

Learn the process of structuring business models, address the core elements of a business model, and practice the design of innovative business models for new and established companies from multiple industries.

Communicating with Impact

Become a more savvy communicator — a leader who can get things done. Throughout this course, participants will sharpen their communication skills through experiential activities, role plays, and practical lessons they can apply immediately.

crisis management

Dig deep into crisis and develop the tools and a framework to manage crises effectively. You’ll also examine the nature of crisis, where they come from, how they evolve, and what we can do about them.

Decision Making

Learn tools and frameworks to help guide your decision making so that you can make (or become more likely to make) good decisions when faced with different types of decisions.

Designing Disruption

‘Disruption’ is a widely used and frequently misunderstood term. Understanding it better can help you think about your organization or team’s strategy whether you’re trying to disrupt, avoid being disrupted, or simply scanning the horizon for new trends in your industry.

Diverse by Design

Explore the barriers and potential solutions to creating and maintaining a diverse workforce using a combination of pedagogical tools, such as role simulations, participant-organizational observations and explorations, and case analyses.

Leadership Agility

Gain an understanding of what drives others to act and learn how to effortlessly engage others in meaningful and enjoyable interactions. You will additionally practice techniques designed to maximize your creativity and problem solving.


Gain insight into the psychology of persuasion in order to have an influence in virtually any environment — at home, at work, in a sales pitch, or in the marketplace.

Stanford LEAD Course - Power of Story

Learn how to curate, craft, and tell stories effectively — and to harness story to drive growth.


Marineh Lalikian
Director, Stanford LEAD Online Business Program Executive Education