Critical Analytical Thinking

Critical Analytical Thinking is essentially the language of strategy. It adds structure and transparency to the analysis and formulation of strategy and helps executives make decisions in a collaborative, logical, and fact-driven fashion.

Course Introduction


This course will help you develop and hone skills necessary to analyze complex problems, formulate well-reasoned arguments, and consider alternative points of view. It will help you assess innovative business models, identify critical issues, develop and present well-reasoned positions, and evaluate evidence. You will apply those skills to address a variety of management problems in both this and subsequent courses in the LEAD Certificate program.

Key Topics

  • Foundations of logical reasoning
  • Using and interpreting evidence
  • Designing experiments
  • Using analogies

We will use a combination of lectures and case studies to prepare you to present written and video arguments for your positions, and to critique and debate those of your peers.

Course Faculty

Haim Mendelson

The Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers Professor of Electronic Business and Commerce, and Management


Marineh Lalikian
Director, Stanford LEAD Online Business Program Executive Education