Building Power to Lead

Innovation means doing new things, and doing some of the same things differently.

But, regardless of the benefits or desirability of the change, many individuals and groups have a stake in the status quo. That is why getting things done — particularly new things — requires skill in building power and exerting influence. This course will develop both your skill at diagnosing organizational dynamics and also your ability to develop and use power to get things done.

Course Introduction


Key Topics

  • Becoming comfortable with power
  • Developing the personal qualities that create power
  • Creating resources to enhance your career
  • Building a personal brand and reputation
  • Speaking and acting with power
  • Handling opposition and conflict

This course will employ a course text, short lecture videos, multiple case studies, peer and individual coaching, and exercises through which you will receive feedback from your classmates and the teaching staff. The materials are designed to build your power skills and willingness to use these skills to get things done.

Course Faculty


Marineh Lalikian
Director, Stanford LEAD Online Business Program Executive Education