Winners and Losers in Mergers and Acquisitions

Combining the expertise of Stanford’s strategy, finance, accounting, legal, and organizational behavior faculty with insights from top mergers and acquisitions practitioners, the Mergers and Acquisitions program offers a unique, interdisciplinary overview of the major elements of M&A transactions.

In today’s competitive business environment, many companies rely on M&A for:

  • Fueling their growth and gain access to critical assets
  • Preferred exit strategy, particularly in Silicon Valley’s technology sector
  • Integrating organizations — target selection, valuation, deal design, negotiation, accounting and tax planning

Join Stanford Graduate School of Business Professor Ron Kasznik as he previews our new program and outlines the advantages and pitfalls of mergers and acquisitions. The one-hour webinar will include information about this innovative program and a 30-minute sample of the program content focused on the winners and losers in M&A.

Preview: Mergers and Acquisitions Program
Preview: Mergers and Acquisitions Program
Ron Kasznik previews the Mergers and Acquisitions executive program and outlines advantages and pitfalls of M&A transactions.

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