Participants in the Design Thinking Bootcamp program
Design Thinking Bootcamp: From Insights to Innovation


Ready to drive innovation at your company? Want to discover unexpected opportunities in the marketplace and understand your customers at a deeper level?

Program Highlights

Innovation is essential in every aspect of your business. And it can be taught.

At the heart of Design Thinking Bootcamp is a field research project that gives you the opportunity to learn by doing. Every session tackles a real-world business challenge presented by an outside company — an airline, a hotel, a gas station, etc. You and your team will collaborate with this company to enhance the customer experience by:

  • Interviewing key management and personnel.
  • Observing and interviewing customers in the field.
  • Ideating, designing, prototyping, and iterating to develop new solutions.

Then, you’ll present those innovative ideas to company management. There’s no better way to practice what we teach.