Power and politics are inevitable parts of organizational life — have been since the dawn of civilization and almost certainly always will be. Therefore, learning the social science of influence and mastering power skills are crucial determinants of people’s career attainment and their ability to get things done.

This short course on power provides an introduction to some of the most important topics and ideas that we believe are the most useful for accelerating your career and building your power base.

Key Topics

  • Becoming comfortable with power
  • Making strategic career moves, including building effective and efficient social networks
  • Building a personal brand and reputation and getting better known
  • Effectively handling opposition and conflict

Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding the benefits of power and some methods of attaining influence
  • Learning how to position yourself in job roles that enhance your visibility and permit you to build more powerful social networks
  • Creating a personal brand and reputation and beginning the process of propagating that image more widely
  • Coming to terms with the inevitability of opposition and conflict and mastering the art and science of how to cope with these more effectively.

Learning Model

This course is offered in four modules and each module extends beyond theory and enables you to put your learnings directly into practice for real-time results. Videos, case studies, simulations, and personal feedback on select assignments will enhance your understanding of course concepts.

Once you pay, you will unlock course material for 60 days and can save select materials for future reference.

Course Flow


Rania Helaihel
Associate Director, On-Demand Courses Executive Education