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How does your personal leadership style impact others? How can you apply influence without authority? How do you manage upward and downward within your organization?

Executive Program in Leadership: The Effective Use of Power focuses on the personal and the practical. You’ll learn strategies for using your personal power to build strong, mutual-influence relationships within your organization. You’ll develop practical tools you can implement right away to manage and inspire teams.

Program Highlights

Below is just a sample of the sessions you’ll experience as part of the program.

Scaling Up Excellence

Leaders are in a race to build organizations that are not only bigger but better. A problem, however, is how does one restore the soul of a startup in large companies. We draw on award-winning research and Silicon Valley case studies to present practical tools to avoid scaling traps, and to create domino chains of excellence in organizations as they strive to sustain scale

Neuroscience and the Connection to Exemplary Leadership

The need for exemplary leadership has never been more important than it is today and this importance is only going to grow in the future. This course will help leaders like yourself be better equipped at making decisions and, more importantly, influencing others’ decisions by crafting superior value propositions for various stakeholders.

Other Selected Sessions

  • Creating Inclusive Workplaces: Leveraging Diversity
  • Acting with Power


Angel Dodson
Associate Director, Programs Executive Education