Participants in the Executive Program for Nonprofit Leaders


What will it take to build your ability to lead and scale your nonprofit organization?

Develop a new perspective on your organization’s potential impact, and create a plan of action to address organizational and strategic challenges.

Program Highlights

  • In-class lectures, discussions, and exercises led by Stanford MBA faculty
  • A richer understanding of how to integrate organizational mission and strategy
  • A new perspective on your organization’s potential and impact
  • Development of a plan of action for addressing key organizational and strategic challenges
  • A strong network of relationships with a diverse group of nonprofit leaders

Below is just a sample of the sessions you’ll experience as part of the program.

Mission, Strategy, and Business Models for Impact

What do we mean by strategy and how does this differ from mission? Strategy is a notoriously difficult concept to operationally define, yet many of us think we know what it is, and we think we know how to evaluate an organization’s strategy. As well, we often confuse strategy with mission. Finally, we don’t always think clearly about how mission and strategy connect to the business model we adopt as nonprofits. In this session, we will discuss frameworks for identifying and evaluating an organization’s strategy and mission.

Scaling Up Excellence

Scaling is a skill necessary for leaders of small startups, or teams, or departments, and large organizations. This course helps you to come to grips with two challenges of scaling excellence — getting people to do more and getting them do it better. Professor Rao will help you to come to grips with how scaling excellence is all about building a mindset rather than merely creating a short-lived footprint.

The Power of Story

Stories galvanize - they tell the why, creating a common understanding, engagement and excitement. They paint a picture of what could be for everyone — they fuel the journey for both yourself and those around you both personally and professionally. In these sessions, Dr. Aaker illuminates the science and power of story in business by revealing why story is important and how story can be harnessed to fuel connection, innovation and growth for leaders. Next, she will delve into how story can be used as an accelerant as an engine for growth by identifying signature stories, and how to harness humor as a secret weapon to lead authentically, build bonds and spark creativity. You’ll leave with the ability to curate, craft, and tell meaningful stories effectively — and harness humor as a secret weapon and the foundational elements of telling a story to inspire transformational change and innovation for yourself and your organization.

Read about the latest research from Faculty Director Dale Miller on how people of all ranks look to low-level peers for information about organizational social norms.



Akniet Rysbek
Associate Director, Programs Executive Education