Finance and Accounting for the Nonfinancial Executive participants


How can you use numbers to make better corporate decisions? How can you effectively communicate the financial performance and value of your business? And how can you use finance and accounting to tell a compelling story about your company?

Finance and Accounting for the Nonfinancial Executive will help you do all of this with greater competence and confidence.

Program Highlights

Below are just a few of the sessions you’ll attend as part of the program.

Construction of Financial Statements

Study the mapping between underlying economic events and financial statements, and learn how this mapping affects inferences about future profitability and cash flows.

It’s essential to have an understanding of finance and accounting — they are how companies keep score.
George G.C. Parker, Faculty Co-Director

In particular, you will examine the construction of financial statements from transaction information and recognize the importance of judgment in accounting and its potential effect on financial statements.

Capital Structure: The Choice Between Debt and Equity

A firm’s capital structure depends on its business goals, tolerance for risk and need for control. Identify the factors that must be considered in determining a firm’s optimal capital structure, and learn how the market reacts to changes in that structure.

Project Valuation

The value of an asset is the value of the cash flows the asset will produce. The valuation of future cash flows is key to financial decisions by corporations and investors. Gain an understanding of how to evaluate projects based on the cost of capital and deriving the incremental changes in free cash flow.

Cash Flow Budgeting

The use of forecasted cash flow information and financial statements supports capital budgeting. Understand how to gather and use accounting and cash-flow information to make short-term and long-term managerial decisions.


Christine Coli | Associate Director, Programs, Executive Education
Associate Director Executive Education