Designed by and featuring tenured Stanford GSB faculty, this on-demand course will enable you to develop a Stanford mindset and immerse yourself in topics relevant to your business challenges and context, at your own pace and convenience.

Developed with an experiential approach to learning, this course extends beyond theory and enables you to put your learnings directly into practice for real-time results. You will receive personalized written feedback from course facilitators on select assignments to deepen your understanding and application of key concepts.

This course includes four modules, and the total time commitment is eight to 10 hours, inclusive of all content, coursework, and assignments. You will have access to the course for 60 days and can save select materials as a takeaway future resource.

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Why Take This Course?

Corporations, nonprofits, and public sector organizations are increasingly being called upon to increase diversity. And for good reason. The relationships between diversity and innovation and diversity and performance have been documented extensively in the literature. Research shows that diversity is linked to innovation and performance because it broadens the talent pool, discourages stereotypes, reduces overconfidence, and allows us to take advantage of complementaries between different perspectives and skills. 

However, without building a sense of inclusion and belonging, organizations will have a difficult time maximizing the potential of diversity. Building a culture of inclusion is important because to fully take advantage of different perspectives and skills, we must make sure that everyone feels comfortable sharing their perspectives and offering up their skills. 

In this course, we will explore the barriers and potential solutions to creating and maintaining a diverse and inclusive workforce using a combination of pedagogical tools including (but not limited to) participant-organizational observations and explorations, case analyses, and self-reflection.

Key Topics

  • Unconscious/implicit/nonconscious bias
  • Benefits and challenges of diverse teams
  • Hiring: Biases, barriers, and solutions
  • Inclusive Workplaces: Biases, barriers, and solutions
  • Performance Evaluation: Biases, barriers, and solutions

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand why diversity in organizations and teams matters
  • Understand individual- and organizational-level barriers to creating diverse organizations and teams
  • Explore some existing solutions that have mitigated these barriers
  • Use a process to come up with and enact your own solutions that are unique to your organization and your situation

Awarded Upon Completion

Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a certificate of completion to add to your LinkedIn profile and download for your records.

Example On-Demand Course Module

Each course includes four modules. Content types, activities, and assignments vary by module and by course.


Bryan Hiraki
Associate Director, Ignite Programs and On-Demand Courses Executive Education