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What’s the real cost of not negotiating? When do you share, and when do you hold back? How can you exert influence when you lack authority?

The Influence and Negotiation Strategies Program addresses these questions and more. It provides a rigorous and comprehensive curriculum that combines research-based discussions with daily, hands-on simulations.

This program will challenge your assumptions and help you develop powerful influence tactics and negotiation strategies for a range of situations — from recruiting a key player to competing for scarce resources to closing a major deal.

Program Highlights

Below are just a few of the sessions you’ll attend as part of the program.

The Choice to Negotiate

Everyone negotiates. Yet many people think of negotiation only as an interaction between a buyer and a seller, ignoring the common daily opportunities that exist to improve on the status quo for themselves, their teams, and their organizations. This session will help you to rethink negotiation as problem-solving and to identify how you can create and claim value in your interactions — from the everyday to the rare and high-value. You will also explore the value that is left “on the table” and begin to develop a framework for getting (more of) what you want.

Negotiation is not about getting to yes or simply getting an agreement; it’s about getting a good agreement.
Margaret Neale, faculty director

Reciprocal Influence Between Managers and Subordinates

While positions of authority in organizations offer you the right to give orders, influencing the other side to want to do what you want is usually a much more effective long-term strategy. This session examines the effective use of influence skills in the context of a supervisor-subordinate power relationship where orders can be given, but where reciprocal influence for mutual gain may be a more appropriate strategy.

Influencing Without Authority: The One to the Many

The ability to exert influence without relying on the power of a formal title can often be critical to effective management. In this session, we will analyze strategies and tactics that will help you influence others when you lack formal authority.


Andy Sikic
Associate Director, Programs Executive Education