Communication is a critical component of effective leadership. To achieve shared goals, a leader must be able to craft a compelling message, articulate an exciting vision, and galvanize a group of people around a course of action.

This course is designed to help participants become more savvy communicators — able to use their communication skills to “get things done.” Throughout this course, participants will sharpen their skills through engaging lectures, experiential activities, and practical lessons that can be applied immediately.

Key Topics

  • Communication biases
  • Becoming more persuasive
  • Personalizing for the audience
  • Modeling your message
  • Delivering praise

Learning Outcomes

  • Recognize communication biases and calibrate your messages to account for them
  • Craft and deliver compelling presentations and persuasive messages
  • Communicate what you want from your team through your actions
  • Learn and employ rules for delivering better praise

Learning Model

This course is offered in four modules and each module extends beyond theory and enables you to put your learnings directly into practice for real-time results. Videos, case studies, simulations, and personal feedback on select assignments will enhance your understanding of course concepts.

Once you pay, you will unlock course material for 60 days and can save select materials for future reference.

Course Flow


Rania Helaihel
Associate Director, On-Demand Courses Executive Education