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Participants in on-demand online courses are highly motivated professionals seeking flexible and credible research-based learning from a top-tier university on specific topics. These leaders embody a growth mindset to maximize impact and to advance themselves, their teams, and their organizations.

Hear from Past Participants

“What I enjoyed about this course was how immediately actionable it was in my own work. It was so helpful to learn about concepts like normative influence, and then see how I could make my communication style a little more persuasive by employing the method.”

“This absolutely exceeded my expectations. I thought it was going to be more of a speech and professional writing course. The psychology of the why behind communications was so much more meaningful. It was nice to be in an academic environment where I could think outside the box and see the bigger picture.”

Who Should Attend

  • Highly-motivated individuals who see the value in improving their communication skills across all of their interactions to increase their personal and professional impact
  • Professionals who want to use nuanced communication skills to extend their influence and embrace larger leadership roles
  • Leaders who want to elevate their communication delivery and practices to craft compelling messages and presentations to their teams


Rania Helaihel
Associate Director, On-Demand Courses Executive Education