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Stanford Executive Program: Be a Leader Who Matters


An evolving curriculum that turns insights into action.

The Stanford Executive Program is a research-based program that takes executive learning beyond the traditional, keeping our content in tune with the times and always applicable to the current state of business. Through interactive, collaborative, and discussion-based learning, our curriculum looks forward, not back – keeping every year, every day, every session unique.

Stanford Executive Program Transformation: Eduardo Henrique
Past Participant Spotlight
Co-founder of Movile & CEO of Wavy

Eduardo Henrique discusses how attending SEP allowed him to develop the skills and the mindset to help grow his company.

Curriculum Highlights

Immerse yourself in the latest research and insights surrounding the topics of business and leadership — from design thinking, negotiation, and financial engineering to diversity, culture, and crisis management. Our faculty will invite you to infuse your own experiences in order to create and evolve valuable leadership concepts.


Every SEP course is designed to inspire and impart knowledge relevant to executive leaders from all industries. Master fundamental business concepts, explore cutting-edge ideas, and discover agile, innovative solutions you can immediately apply to your business and industry challenges, demands, and opportunities.

The individual courses are highly integrated across three fundamental themes:

  • Leading People – Understand human behavior and develop models and mindsets for true impact
  • Leading Organizations – Create systems and cultivate a culture where excellence thrives and scales
  • Leading Change – Hone strategic competitive advantages that address market and societal forces