red tile flipping on the change wall at Stanford GSB
Stanford Executive Program: Be a Leader Who Matters


Get trained in the latest thinking on business excellence and modern leadership; then turn new insights into action.

From design thinking and big data to negotiation, financial engineering, and strategic management, you’ll experience the very best of the Stanford GSB — concentrated and customized to meet the needs and know-how of senior-level leaders like you.

Stanford Executive Program Transformation: Eduardo Henrique
Past Participant Spotlight
Co-founder of Movile & CEO of Wavy

Eduardo Henrique discusses how attending SEP allowed him to develop the skills and the mindset to help grow his company.

Curriculum Highlights

Discover the latest thinking regarding business excellence and leadership — from design thinking and big data to negotiation, financial engineering, and strategic management. Then, put learning into action with weekly sessions designed to help you apply new insights to the specific challenges of your organization.


Gain mastery of fundamental business skills, explore cutting-edge ideas, and discover agile, innovative solutions to the challenges, demands, and opportunities faced by today’s leaders. The program’s six-week curriculum is highly integrated and designed to maximize linkages across three themes:

  • Leading people: Understand human behavior — your own as well as others; develop models and mindsets for innovation
  • Leading organizations: Create systems; build and shape a culture where excellence thrives and scales
  • Leading change: Strategically address market and beyond-market forces for competitive advantage

Turbo Sessions

Get an in-depth, behind-the-scenes look at the latest GSB faculty research. During these interactive discussions, faculty members share and discuss the cutting-edge questions they’re exploring.

Learning-in-Action Sessions

These sessions at the end of each week are designed to maximize reflection and implementation. Together with senior faculty, you’ll review the key takeaways from the week and think about how to specifically apply them to your company, based on the unique challenges you and your organization face.