red tile on the change wall at Stanford GSB
Stanford Executive Program: Be a Leader Who Matters

The SEP Experience

The Stanford Executive Program is the most comprehensive general management program for executives — both in the classroom and beyond.

Academic Experience

Stepping aside from the day-to-day to spend six weeks immersed in thoughtful learning is both an incredible and rare opportunity. The depth of learning, collaboration, and engagement with faculty and peers is unparalleled. 

Lectures, classroom dialogue, learning-in-action sessions, and small group discussions foster collaboration with peers from around the globe and across various functions and industries. Professors share their expertise and guidance both inside and outside the classroom. It’s all part of the hands-on experiential learning for which Stanford is celebrated.

Beyond Academics

SEP takes your academic experience even further to help you make an impact — both personally and professionally. It all starts with orientation, a full day of hands-on team-building activities, designed to help you get to know each other and the campus that serves as your home for the next six weeks. 

Experiential Leadership

SEP gives you unique opportunities to enhance leadership and collaborative skills beyond the classroom, using real challenges, real-time feedback, and fun. Whether engaging in rock climbing or golf, rowing or improv, yoga or quiet reflection on our scenic campus, you’ll explore your personal leadership potential, experience growth through mental and physical challenges, work in groups to problem-solve, build trust through teamwork, and learn how to communicate with power and poise. Of course, participation is entirely optional. 

Work-Life Balance

SEP focuses on the whole you — mind and body — providing extensive health and wellness opportunities to complement our rigorous curriculum. Each weekday includes plenty of time for exercise and rejuvenation. On weekends, you’re free to explore all that the San Francisco Bay Area offers. You can also take advantage of optional weekend health and wellness workshops or participate in organized group outings to events like wine tasting, hiking, and baseball. Should you have family commitments, SEP offers support and programming to make it an unforgettable experience for you and your family.

Get fit with daily boot camp sessions, run up to the famous Stanford Dish, and hike.
Improve your range of motion, increase circulation, and calm your mind with afternoon and evening yoga and meditation classes.
Develop your leadership and teamwork skills with rock-climbing exercises designed to challenge your body and mind.
SEP participant doing laps.
Dive into Stanford’s pool; you'll have access to dedicated SEP swim coaches and reserved lanes.
Eat well with a healthy food bar and award-winning dining.