Executive Dining

Focusing on fresh, sumptuous, and sustainable local ingredients, our culinary professionals create sophisticated menus featuring taste profiles from around the world.

Award-Winning Cuisine

Delicious, nutritious, locally-sourced food options are available at every meal, including snacks. No wonder we have earned the Financial Times Executive Dining Award more frequently than any other school.

The dining staff works closely with participants who have special dining requests and food restrictions. Vegetarian options are offered at all meals.

Senior Associate Director
Executive Conferences and Catering Services

Raul joined R&DE Stanford Dining in 1999 as Executive Chef of Schwab Executive Dining. Since that time, Raul has constantly innovated to put Schwab at the forefront of university executive dining. Under Raul’s leadership, the Financial Times has rated Stanford University to have the finest executive dining program in the world for over eight years.