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Stanford Executive Program: Be a Leader Who Matters


The Stanford Executive Program stands apart from other leadership programs — here research and experience lead the way.

Engage and interact with more than 40 world-renowned faculty members through our collaborative approach to learning. From sharing their cutting-edge research to asking insightful questions to produce the most beneficial discussions, our tenured faculty facilitate change, inspire innovation, and instill excellence.

For example, Faculty Director William Barnett is currently investigating competition among people and groups within organizations, especially noting the maladaptive consequences of intense competition within firms. Barnett’s prior research includes studies of how strategic differences and strategic change among organizations affect their growth, performance, and survival. His research includes empirical studies of technical, regulatory, and ideological changes among organizations, and how these changes affect competitiveness over time and across markets over a wide range of industries and contexts. His views appear in the articles and videos on

Faculty Leadership

William P. Barnett
  • Director, Stanford Executive Program: Be a Leader Who Matters

Core Faculty

Jennifer Aaker
Susan Athey
William P. Barnett
Anne Beyer
Steven Callander
Professor of Political Economy
Peter M. DeMarzo
Yossi Feinberg
Francis J. Flynn
George Foster
Deborah H. Gruenfeld
Charles I. Jones
Hau L. Lee
Jonathan Levav
Brian S. Lowery
Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Haim Mendelson
Margaret Ann Neale
Charles A. O’Reilly
Jeffrey Pfeffer
Hayagreeva Rao
Baba Shiv
Ken Shotts
Sarah A. Soule
Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Ilya A. Strebulaev
Professor of Finance
Jesper B. Sørensen
Seungjin Whang
Stefanos Zenios

Sample Guest Speakers

Alyssa Rapp
Kathryn Shaw